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Updated December 12, 2003
This site has now been redone and is now much more functional
Update all links to and visit the new Internet Games site now.

Welcome to a Web Page completely dedicated to finding and rating online games. Right now we have many rated games and are always looking for more games. If you would like to add a game to our collection fill in the form found at this link. Please only send games that can be played right away. Please do not send anything that requires extensive amounts of time to play(more than a hour, i.e. Planetarion), and anthing that requires a long signup process. Also, all games submitted must be entirely free, or else they will not be posted. Many of the games require the shockwave plugin, flash plugin, or java plugin that you may not already have, use the links on the side menu to get this plugin. If you find any broken links or have any suggestions for me send them to me through feedback. Also please spread the word about my website by telling a friend about it. I also just added a discussion board that you can visit here.